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21. Amerikanvampire - 9/11/1999 8:00:42 AM

a little better?

22. CalGal - 9/11/1999 8:00:59 AM

Yes. Until someone else posts, you are completely screwing up the page. Are you adding any other tags at all?

23. CalGal - 9/11/1999 8:01:28 AM

I suggest you not try HTML for a while.

24. CalGal - 9/11/1999 8:02:35 AM

Or start much smaller.

Seriously, I'll see if I can recreate it.

25. Amerikanvampire - 9/11/1999 8:02:43 AM

Jeez, this really isn't this hard. Try yourself. Put in some font HTML and drop the last " after the face entry. No, I'm not doing anything weird, no, I'm not adding any difficult tags at the end, yes, you still owe me an apology, and snide cracks about 'setting my sites a little lower' are adding to the tally. I'm not wrong, CalGal.

26. SpenceMirrlees - 9/11/1999 8:04:50 AM

27. SpenceMirrlees - 9/11/1999 8:05:25 AM


28. Amerikanvampire - 9/11/1999 8:05:31 AM


29. CalGal - 9/11/1999 8:05:57 AM

Hence the "seriously", you wanker. As Coral and I both told you, it looked exactly as if you'd done something deliberately to try and screw things up. I've already apologized, although if you're that sensitive I'm not going to bother worrying about your feelings further.

30. SpenceMirrlees - 9/11/1999 8:06:17 AM

AV is right. I just screwed the place up royally with

(font size=4 face="symbol)(/font)

31. CalGal - 9/11/1999 8:07:11 AM

32. SpenceMirrlees - 9/11/1999 8:07:30 AM

I am surprised that nobody has made that error before, so that this would look familiar by now.

33. CalGal - 9/11/1999 8:09:02 AM

Yes, I do see. In all this time, no one has ever missed a closing quote before? I love the infinite combinations of software and users.


And it only happens for one post, right? That's workable.

34. Amerikanvampire - 9/11/1999 8:09:13 AM

The only thing that gets screwed up on my browser is the next post's title. I'm on Nav 4.08.

35. SpenceMirrlees - 9/11/1999 8:09:50 AM

The placement of all the stuff on the butterscotch bar to the right gets screwed up on my IE 5.

36. SpenceMirrlees - 9/11/1999 8:10:34 AM

Yes, it only stays messed up until the next post, at least as long as the next post starts with a (/font).

37. CalGal - 9/11/1999 8:11:34 AM

No, on my browser the butterscotch bar disappears and everything on it appears beneath the post. It looks exactly as if you'd copied the source code into your post--which, as I said, is why I growled at you originally. I thought you were Pike playing around.

It apparently only looks odd until someone else posts.

38. Amerikanvampire - 9/11/1999 8:16:55 AM

Well, then. Follow around people who drop "s in their HTML and shriek dementedly. No one else will notice a problem.

39. Amerikanvampire - 9/11/1999 8:17:30 AM

I'm outta here.

40. Amerikanvampire - 9/11/1999 8:20:12 AM

I'm outta here.

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