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6144. judithathome - 4/8/2016 4:05:28 AM

Cuts really close to home for me but I love it, nonetheless. Thanks for sharing.

6145. NuPlanetOne - 8/7/2016 11:43:40 PM

Be careful what you fish for

Each choice is a parallel universe
You choose, and the other options
Just run alongside

Everything waiting, watching
In frenzied stasis, until
You decide.

Second guessing, wishing
Are on the new path
You’ve chosen.

The favored outcome
Along side, in tandem
Moving, but frozen.

It could melt
And meld, if your choice
Matched your wishes.

Or could just swim
Forever alongside
Like dead floating fishes.

6146. arkymalarky - 8/8/2016 5:48:05 PM

Love the perspective. Where was it I heard someone stepped on a Bug somewhere and changed the course of History? Big Bang Theory? That's where I get most my quotes these days.

6147. NuPlanetOne - 9/20/2016 5:00:45 AM

I believe that was Chaos theory Ark. But something new.


I need to listen
To more music. Songs
On the radio. In my head
I used to be songs
Lucky to be soul
During Motown. White kid
I could dance. Felt it
But Rock'n'Roll and the whole
Brit Invasion, saved me.

In a dark place I found
Mozart. Number 24. C minor
That's where I went
Sitting on the floor
Back against the couch
Ah! The Allegro.
This was new music!
By the second movement
In a crouch. It reminded
Me of our baby's conception.

I listen to Dean Martin's
Greatest hits often.
And Frank. And the Beatles
My Grandkids sent a birthday text
In it they sang will you
Still need me when I'm 64.
My daughter loved that song
Is it wrong to want more?
Is there music after this?

6148. arkymalarky - 9/20/2016 9:34:54 PM

Right, chaos theory! My kids were just going on this afternoon about the Beatles. They're officially back again. Pretty cool. I need a poem like that, and to get some perspective on how to be spending my time.

6149. NuPlanetOne - 1/19/2017 8:56:35 AM

Chicken Worship

A hair follicle preserved in rock
drifting through space needing only
a place to touch down. Time is irrelevant
and a gamma burst pushes it into
a different vector. Direction is an illusion
Location, like time, does not matter
where observation is only a remote variable
in such an equation. It is, that is, the egg
and not the chicken. It may take several
forevers for something to happen
It will take no time at all
Any random perturbation in any system
could affect a possible resurrection
An uncountable number of circumstances
could alter its course. But, of course,
circumstances are illusory as well,
As only the cell, matters. Why it beats and eats
And clones and repeats, then sleeps,
not even the chicken knows. And it goes and goes
on through space. A place where time is static
and only reveals itself in a mirror
And why it reveals itself at all is the ball
bouncing echoing alone and coming to rest,
is what I have guessed so far
And with so many places where it could stop,
that could allow it to talk, I mean,
from one simple rock, could pop
into existence and with personified insistence,
we worship the chicken.

6150. judithathome - 1/19/2017 11:11:01 PM

I absolutely LOVE this one!!!!!

6151. Seamus - 4/26/2018 9:59:08 PM

Night Shift

By Jericho Brown

When I am touched, brushed, and measured, I think of myself
As a painting. The artist works no matter the lack of sleep. I am made
Beautiful. I never eat. I once bothered with a man who called me
Snack, Midnight Snack to be exact. I’d oblige because he hurt me
With a violence I mistook for desire. I’d get left hanging
In one room of his dim house while he swept or folded laundry.
When you’ve been worked on for so long, you never know
You’re done. Paint dries. Midnight is many colors. Black and blue
Are only two. The man who tinted me best kept me looking a little
Like a chore. How do you say prepared
In French? How do you draw a man on the night shift? Security
At the museum for the blind, he eats to stay
Awake. He’s so full, he never has to eat again. And the moon goes.

6152. Ms. No - 4/27/2018 3:51:32 PM

Seamus -

Thank you for this. My brain is feasting.

(and great to see you btw!)

6153. Seamus - 4/27/2018 7:11:55 PM

Ms. No, it is grand to see you here. How have you been?

6154. Ms. No - 4/27/2018 7:29:26 PM

Good, thanks! Getting ready to go to Prom tonight....for the 11th time. I like to see my students all dressed up, but I'm not looking forward to the end of the evening when squabbles ensue. Our school is small so we partner with 3 other small high schools and there will be a lot of kids I don't know.

How are you and yours?

6155. Seamus - 4/30/2018 10:16:25 PM

Also good, and I thank you.

How was the Prom?

6156. Ms. No - 5/1/2018 7:50:19 PM

It was pretty much the best prom I've ever chaperoned. Nobody was drunk. Nobody was high. Nobody ended up in tears, and all of the kids were picked up on time. Amazing.

Which just means that every prom forever after this will be worse. ;->

6157. Seamus - 5/2/2018 2:13:49 AM

I like the sound of success you describe, but not the fatalism about the future. I can be so damn naive at times, though.

6158. Ms. No - 5/2/2018 3:23:46 PM

It's the time of year --- we're all running on fumes at this point. Today I'm especially tired because I was out last night at a concert. So worth it, though! Bishop Briggs was awesome, and the opening artist was excellent. I hadn't heard of him before -- Matt Maeson -- but I just downloaded two of his albums this morning.

6159. Seamus - 5/4/2018 9:51:56 PM

I'd not heard of either of those performers, but I've looked them up and they both look quite interesting.

When is your term at end?

6160. Seamus - 5/4/2018 9:58:14 PM

The Daughter

by Carmen Giménez Smith

We said she was a negative image of me because of her lightness.
She's light and also passage, the glory in my cortex.
Daughter, where did you get all that goddess?
Her eyes are Neruda's two dark pools at twilight.
Sometimes she's a stranger in my home because I hadn't imagined her.
Who will her daughter be?
She and I are the gradual ebb of my mother's darkness.
I unfurl the ribbon of her life, and it's a smooth long hallway, doors flung open.
Her surface is a deflection is why.
Harm on her, harm on us all.
Inside her, my grit and timbre, my reckless.

6161. Ms. No - 5/8/2018 5:51:04 PM

I'm going to move my socializing over to the Cafe so as not to muck up the poetry thread. :-)

6162. Seamus - 5/12/2018 8:05:06 PM

Invisible Fish

by Joy Harjo

Invisible fish swim this ghost ocean now described by waves of sand, by water-worn rock. Soon the fish will learn to walk. Then humans will come ashore and paint dreams on the dying stone. Then later, much later, the ocean floor will be punctuated by Chevy trucks, carrying the dreamers’ decendants, who are going to the store.

6163. NuPlanetOne - 2/24/2019 9:41:26 PM

Seamus, old friend, some lovely poems there above. Good to know you still check in now and then.

Here are a few scribbles:

bye daddy

lately it sucks
i cant remember
little shit, things
i want to google
then i forgot
the babys name
grandpa im not boo boo
im joshua, remember
boo boo is uncle bobby
i drove to work
where i worked 25 years
ago. its not funny
anymore. my daughter
doesnt joke. she looks
at me like a job
sometimes i pretend
im not back so i can
watch her and see
how bad im getting.
got lost in the basement
for a long time
but i found some pictures
of before. then the baby
showed up and brought
me upstairs for
some cheerios.

I Wanted You To Love Me

Even if I got what I wanted,
Would it taste as sweet?
Fuckin right it would!
Perversions, diversions, could
You imagine how good
It would be to sit at sunset
Flipping you the bird?
There on our beach.
Fuck you. Every word
Out of your hole was a lie.
Go ahead, try to grasp reality.
But at that sunset,
What if you were already forgotten?
What if every stupid rotten
Trick you pulled on me,
What if I actually got
Over you? What would you do?
What if I watched the waves, alone?
And could see the coming tide?
Each wave inching over your face.
Erasing the memory, the pain, every trace.
And I sat boldly on the breakers, alive!
It sucks to feel hate, but wait,
It must suck even worse to be you!
Even if I didn't get what I wanted.

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