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8013. judithathome - 7/1/2015 6:28:43 PM

Looks like we could learn a lot from Cuba! World Health Organization hails ‘one of the greatest public health achievements possible’, five years into regional initiative.

8014. judithathome - 8/10/2015 9:51:32 PM

Keoni is having surgery on his knee on Sept. 11...

8015. arkymalarky - 8/10/2015 11:35:49 PM

Oh! What's he having done?

8016. judithathome - 8/11/2015 6:06:32 PM

Some sort of "day surgery" on the meniscus tear in his knee...the doc said it will be a 5 to 6 day recovery.

Keoni is still going to Vegas on Oct. 12...whether he takes his golf clubs along will depend on the quality/length of his recovery.

8017. judithathome - 9/10/2015 6:01:24 PM

Okay...that recovery time is in WEEKS, not days....

And today is his birthday and I am in such a swit over TOMORROW that I am beside myself and didn't even remember it WAS his birthday until a call came in from our insurance agent wishing him a happy birthday. (His family are still asleep in Hawaii...ha!)

For one thing, my "angst" is partly due to Lunatic David taking on the responsibility of getting us to the clinic by 6am...(Arky, he lives in Weatherford...do you remember that place?)

Anyhow, will let everyone know "how well it went" (because of course, it WILL go that way!) later tomorrow afternoon! ;-)

8018. arkymalarky - 9/10/2015 6:15:08 PM

I wondered about that time frame at the time. I remember Weatherford from when we went, & I remember when I was a kid thinking that Weatherford was out in the middle of nowhere. Seems we had relatives there or something.

8019. arkymalarky - 9/11/2015 10:57:49 PM

Any news?

8020. judithathome - 9/12/2015 12:37:01 AM

Yeah, he's home, doing fine, and we both survived the Lunatic David hours...though I should get "overtime" pay for the waiting room with him...ha!

Doc said it wasn't as bad as first thought...the knee, not LD...who has been his patient in the past, too.

8021. wabbit - 9/12/2015 1:36:01 PM

I brought my mother home from the hospital last Saturday. We're in hospice now, she signed a DNR. She has a lot of edema in the abdomen and a small hole in her diaphragm that allows fluid to move up and create a pleural effusion. She had two thoracentesis done in the hospital, they got 3300 ml the first time and 2500 ml the second time, way more than usual. We opted for a pleurex catheter and drew off another 1600 ml on Wednesday. The thoracic surgeon said we should try to not drain her more than once per week, she loses a lot of protein and electrolytes every time, but we do what we have to do.

She can't stand up without having a focal seizure - she loses consciousness, eyes roll back and down she goes. We've been able to catch her, so no physical harm done, but she's pretty much in bed now. Incontinent, which is not as bad as it might sound. Eats very little and is on restricted fluids to try to keep her sodium levels up. Yesterday was a hard day for her, trouble speaking but knowing what she wants to say. Very frustrating.

One day at a time.

8022. arkymalarky - 9/12/2015 2:50:05 PM

Oh wabbit. I'm so sorry.

8023. thoughtful - 9/12/2015 7:02:42 PM

Wow. That's really rough. I'm so sorry you and she are going through this. My best thoughts of courage and comfort are heading your way.

8024. judithathome - 9/13/2015 9:03:38 PM

Oh, Wabbit...I am so very sorry...I know you are going to do the best for her but it is such a difficult thing to let go...you may not know this but trust me, SHE knows you will do what is best. Truly.

8025. wabbit - 9/15/2015 4:16:50 PM

Mom passed away at 5:20 this morning. Very peaceful, she was never in any pain or distress. I think she waited until my sister was here so she could see her. Mom didn't want a funeral or service or anything at all. I'll be taking ashes with me some time in the Spring to sprinkle on the mountain where she grew up, we talked about it a long time ago and she was happy about that.

We didn't think she would go so quickly, but we're glad it was on her terms, at home with her family.

8026. arkymalarky - 9/15/2015 5:46:44 PM

I'm sorry Wabbit. it sounds like things ended in a way it didn't sound like they were going to end when you posted a couple of days ago

8027. judithathome - 9/15/2015 10:21:32 PM

Wabbit, I just told Keoni what had happened and he asked me to send his sincerest condolences...he lost his mom last year in similar circumstances. Both of us send you and your sibs our thoughts and best wishes...take care...know that we love you and you're in our thoughts.

8028. Ms. No - 9/16/2015 4:10:39 PM

Wabbit, I'm also glad your mother got to go on her own terms, but I'm still so sad for you. I'll be thinking of you.

8029. thoughtful - 9/17/2015 10:11:15 PM

Wabbit, my deepest condolences. No matter how old you are, it's never easy to lose a Mom. I'm so sorry for your loss.

8030. wabbit - 9/26/2015 4:25:21 PM

Thank you all. I guess it's true that you never really get over losing someone, you just have to learn to live without them. I still haven't processed her passing, too much left to do.

One brother is making this difficult for everyone with his, "I want this and that". Jeez Louise, your father is still alive, wtf?? He was drunk (not unusual) a few nights ago and into me about why haven't I written an obituary. Um, because I was a little preoccupied taking care of her when she was still alive? Writing an obit was not on my agenda yet.


8031. arkymalarky - 9/26/2015 11:49:58 PM

It can be exasperating how much advice you often get when you're going through things like that and how little actual help.

8032. robertjayb - 9/28/2015 3:22:46 AM

Sorry, wabbit. Look out for yourself.

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